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Would you like to know what the future has in store for you?

Would you like guidance and insight into all matters of life, love, career and finances?

Maia can provide you closure for the past, advice for the present, and guidance for a better future.


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About Maia

Maia is a natural born psychic with strong clairvoyant abilities and 35 years of experience in the Charleston area. She makes energy connections with her clients to explore their past, present and future. She can provide valuable information about love, relationships, your career, and finances to help you take control of your destiny. She aims to enlighten you and help guide you on your journey in life .

Maia's services

Energy Connections

Would you like help navigating the negative and positive influences in your life? Maia can read your aura and give insight into how to fix bad energy and channel the good energy within yourself.

Crystal Ball Readings

Would you like to take control of your destiny? By looking into the crystal ball, Maia is able to connect to your past and reveal your future. By applying this information to your life, you’ll be able to choose the best path forward, no matter what is troubling you. 

Palm Readings

Maia can read your palm to help you explore your inner self, and reveal truths about your inner motivations, concerns and overall state of being.  Connect with Maia today to reveal the information about you that is hidden in your palms.

Tarot Card Readings

By using Tarot Cards, Maia can help you connect with a loved one from your past, reveal your future, or explore the subtle and powerful forces affecting your life today.  Get a tarot reading from Maia today to gain insight into yourself and guidance through even the most difficult times.

Crystal Readings

Maia works through energy and color to reveal the negative and positive energies given off by the crystals. These energies will reveal truths about what is holding you back in life, and how to choose the right path for yourself. Maia will use these to help guide you on your journey.


Using Astrology, Maia can provide insight into your life path, destiny, the world and people around you. She will give you valuable advice on how to improve your relationships, move your career forward, and avoid life’s obstacles.  

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